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The Ledge Boss

It is aptly named…that is all we can say…and it is a totally different type of bait.
We call it a multipurpose jig.
The Ledge Boss can be burned deep like a huge spinner bait…It runs true and has a very pronounced thump…It can also be slow rolled off the ledges just the same.  It can be killed and allowed to dive bomb its way straight to the bottom, where it becomes a big nasty trokar equipped football head jig….and it can be used that way as well…or it can be steadily reeled grinding the turf and kicking up debris like a big deep diving crank…scurrying across the bottom making lots of noise….if it gets stuck, no sweat,  just pop it like a football head,  it crawls through rocks like a gator…It is also lethal when stroked off the bottom spinner bait style…
Big fish of every species have choked this thing on every deep water lake it has been used on…because it is different…
The LB gives you multiple options for multiple presentations with one bait, you can use any trailer you like. (We highly recommend plastic swim baits.)  It is an outstanding Search bait for ledge fishing…and proof positive at Pure Poison Jigs “Innovation Lives Here”
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The Ledge Boss
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