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Composite Crankbaits; Pure Poison Jigs; Lenoir City, Tenn

We developed our composite hard baits with the same mind set we used to develop the finest line of bass jigs in the industry. Solve Problems, Build Better Baits, and Constantly Improve, Seek perfection in form and function….It took three years to get the chemical formulas right, another two years to perfect the manufacturing processes and in the process we changed the rules of crank bait fishing as you understand them…forever… Every bait in our composite line is just that…Made of a proprietary blend of durable compressed resins and composite materials that maintain performance characteristics of wood, while maintaining the strength of a light weight metal. They are coated with a proprietary sealant that allows them to repel water from their surfaces and enhances structural integrity of the bait in the most extreme conditions while increasing buoyancy of the baits. They are fire and heat resistant to temperatures in excess of 700 degrees, and resistant to cold at temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees. They are resistant to gasoline, and a variety of solvents. A three inch flat side bait can withstand 5000 pounds of direct pressure and maintain its structural integrity. Need proof…Take a look at our torture test videos we posted on our social media page. We were the first in the industry to build small baits out of composites, and make them perform like small baits should…and these small baits do things your average small crank bait simply cannot do, withstand punishment unlike any other, and do it in places they have never been able to go... until now…

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