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Fat Boy

When Fred Young introduced the fishing world to his legendary Big O, bass fishing history was made…and quite frankly this bait was inspired by those big round bodied square billed baits, with an extra wide wobble whose catches remain the stuff of legend…

The Fat Boy is a shallow suspending bait.  It has a maximum depth of 4-6 feet and when stopped will rise to the surface at a snails pace, suspending just below the surface or partially submerged…It has a huge thump, wide wobble, and is tailor made for banging off wood, rip rap banks, and grinding shallow flats…This bait has a large profile and has a reputation as “a big fish bait”.   It has taken multiple trophy fish since its introduction last year and combines the performance of the original wooden baits of yesteryear, with the modern durability of our composites.  A veteran professional angler who rented plugs from Fred Young way back when called it “the closest thing I have ever seen to the way the original hand carved ones ran back then” as he confiscated ten of the first twelve we made for “additional field testing and development” last spring. He seems to have forgotten to bring them back… Every Fat Boy is equipped with size 2 KVD triple grip short shank treble hooks, premium hardware and rings, and painted to the same high standards of all our baits…and like everything we make it is as tough as the places we fish it…

Fat Boy
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