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Freak Chub Crank Bait

Freak Chub Composite Crank Bait - $19.99 each
This is one nasty square bill crank bait.  Inspired by the old school balsa baits with that wide wobble and distinctive thump, the Freak Chub is a modern version of that style bait, with modern performance traits the classic baits can't touch. The FC measures 2.5 inches and weighs in around 16.5 grams. It has a rattle. For purists, we can make a silent one no problem.  It floats at rest and dives to depths of 8 to 10 feet efficiently. It has a wide square bill and deflects off cover like a champ. At depth, it can be slowed to crawl and will not float up quickly as wooden baits do due to it's composite construction.  This allows the angler to creep it along in the strike zone longer with no loss of action and more bites.  The FC can be burned for more aggressive fish as well, with no decline in performance. The bait is equipped with 3D dome eyes for added realism, and is built by hand with premium hardware and rings.  Size 6 Mustad Black Nickle Triple Grip Trebles are standard equipment. The bait features a durable two part top coat and will endure as much torture as you can inflict on it with little risk of damage or hook rash due to it's unique construction, so you can throw it a mile, bang it off anything you wish, and it will continue to run well and catch fish long after those big box baits are relegated to the junk pile.

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