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KC 100 Composite Jerk Bait

KC 100 Composite Jerk Bait - $20.99 each
The KC 100 composite Jerk Bait is the product of 2 years of hard work and multiple design changes that have resulted in a bait unlike any other you have tried. This 3.75 inch bait weighs in at a 13 grams fully dressed and in spite of it's light weight can be cast long distances with ease. The bait is silent, because shad don't rattle but it's unique construction and water displacement on retrieve, makes plenty of "natural noise"  to trigger the lateral line sonar system of bass, and astute anglers will feel and note the hook set up and rings make noise all by themselves.  It slow sinks and slides through the water column with the slightest rod movements. It can reach depths of 12 to 14 feet with no effort on standard gear and is easy to work up shallow as well. When "snapped" it can rotate 180 degrees on it's axis which generates vicious reaction strikes.  When "dead sticked" it stays put where you stop it. Because it is not made of plastic or wood, you can bash and grind it off any terrain fearlessly and toothy fish won't hurt it.  The KC is hand made start to finish in our Tennessee shop with the finest materials, paints, and hardware. It has 3D dome eyes for added realism, and is equipped with Mustad Triple Grip Short Shank hooks as standard equipment.  Try these once and you will understand why we say "innovation lives here."
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