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Little Freak Composite Crank Bait

Little Freak Composite Crank Bait $18.99 each
The Little Freak is named that for a reason. It is a 2.25 inch round bodied bait that runs 4 to 6 feet deep. It weighs in around 12.5 grams and will suspend on the pause. It has a super tight action that rivals many flat side baits. It's distinctive thump triggers vicious reaction bites and it can be burned or slowly creeped along with equal effectiveness. The little freak is most effective when cranked down to depth and then gently creeped along cover. It's composite construction allows you to throw it further than wood or plastic baits of a similar size.  The Little Freak is an absolute monster in cool water on rocky banks and has proven itself repeatedly in over one year of tournament testing on college and select professional circuits in addition to local East Tennessee events.  Now we are taking them nationwide. They are built entirely by hand from start to finish with premium components, paint, and hardware and are "Tennessee Tough" and can take whatever abuse you dish out, like every crank we make. Mustad Short Shank Triple Grip Treble Hooks are standard equipment.
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