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One of our professional clients stated it best when he said “it’s basically a 1.5 style bait…hopped up on meth…and those beef cattle steroids”  

Don’t think we could have said it much better than that…

The P-5 began its life with a different number and codename…P51 or “Mustang” it was known for over a year. We even published pictures of alternate models, with alternate specifications in strategic places to keep our competition guessing.  Because we knew we had something, and we didn’t want too many people who keep a nervous eye on Area 51 knowing how good it really was…until they released “the deepest running 1.5 style bait on the market”…and once they threw their cards on the table and showed the world theirs…we threw our hand down…and ours was loaded with aces…

The P 5 is a round bodied square bill bait that may be the best bait we have ever made.  It has a maximum suspend depth of 18 feet, but can be run in as little as 4 inches of water with equal effectiveness.  It has a pronounced ultra strong yet tight wobble, and hunts violently in a nose down tail up presentation that makes it an absolute killer in rock strewn or woody terrain. It deflects off cover like a champ, can be quickly paused and floats back like a wooden bait…It can be burned or creeped, and can be cast far further than any wooden or plastic bait on the market. It is hand crafted, super tough like the rest of the composite lines, and is equipped with the best finishes, topcoats, dome eyes, and hardware available… Size 4 KVD short shank Triple Grip Treble hooks are standard.

P-5 Squarebill
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