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Slow C

This bait is a deeper version of the Suspend C model.  We altered the geometry and size of the circuit board lip and line tie to create a version for deeper applications, improve ease of tuning, and to allow the angler to slow the bait down even more during the reel, suspend, sweep presentation technique…  But don’t let the name fool you… you can burn this little dude just like any other crank when fish are more aggressive.  It has a tight wiggle and more distinctive thump than the Suspend C and hunts like a bird dog…It’s dive angle and retrieve attitude allow it to crawl over the rockiest, nastiest terrain with relative ease as slowly or quickly as you wish.  It suspends at 10 feet which makes it an ideal pre spawn or river bait. Like every bait we make, it is built to last and endure things the average bait could never withstand.  Same hardware, premium lacquer airbrush finishes, topcoats and KVD Triple Grips as its stable mate.  Better keep the long nose pliers handy when you throw it, because big bass choke it down with frightening regularity.

Slow C
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