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U-2 Composite Spy Baits

One of our professional contacts gave us a glimpse into the “technique of silent capture” as it is referred to in the land of its birth a full year before anyone in North America published a single article about “Spy baiting”

Initially we didn’t get it…We examined the things left with us to play with and tried to compare them to small jerk baits,  top water baits, or stick baits… We tried them out…and didn’t really do that well with them…until we made a very expensive long distance call and asked what we doing wrong…
After that we watched some videos and though we couldn’t understand a single spoken word we got the message…
We went back to the water and figured the deal out…and decided right then if you don’t learn to use this technique in cold clear water tournaments you could find yourself bringing a knife to gun fight…

And we decided if its arrival on our shores was imminent, we intended to have the biggest gun in the fight…and so it began…
The U-2 was developed in  total information blackout conditions just like its name sake was born in Groom Lake Nevada…and like the legendary spy plane we tested it in remote locations away from prying eyes…We paid “hush money” to a select few skilled anglers who helped in its design and testing deep in the mountain lakes of Tennessee and Western North Carolina.

And we put an American Spin on this finesse technique and made it bigger, tougher, and compatible with something heavier than 6 pound line and spinning rods.  

The U-2 is constructed of a fast sinking composite material that gives the roughly 4.5 inch bait a fall rate of 1 ft per second…It has an effective maximum depth just north of 35 feet for average anglers.  It features oversized props to give it the shimmy and gentle rocking motion on the fall that is key to all spy bait performance.  It is extremely durable and holds up to any punishment anglers, bass, and other toothy critters that like to bite them dole out. It is compatible with bait casting tackle and runs well on lines as heavy as 15 pound fluorocarbon but truly excels when used with 10-12 pound test.  Spinning rod fans can also throw it on those as well.  It can be fished shallow with a fast retrieve..

U-2 Spy Baits
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