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Top Gun Top Water Prop Minnow

New for 2015…because we still fondly remember our long lost youth, and the joy of winding a devils horse in farm ponds…
Many younger anglers will never get that statement…That is fine with us…because that means they don’t understand how deadly a minnow shaped top water prop bait is to big bass…
We decided to build one for big boys, who like big toys, and can afford to pay handsomely for them…
The Top Gun is the identical body of our U-2 Spy Bait…Heavily tweaked and built with a proprietary dual hybrid composite material.  It floats like a cork, stays level when stationary, and thanks to its dual oversized props make more noise than muskrat riding a jet ski… It runs straight as an arrow, can be paused indefinitely and creeped at a snails pace around bluff walls, across points, and near docks or cover… and because its composite, it works like the hawg dawg when blasted, staying low to the water and in contact with the fish for improved hook up ratios…and yes it’s like the rest of our composite baits… tougher than a two dollar steak…

Top Gun Minnow
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