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Walking Boss Top Water Wake Bait

Another example of our refusal to think inside anyone else’s box…
We built this bait to take on big bass, and other big game fish…Because in one of our favorite testing grounds there lurks a health population of rod breaking, reel burning, spook destroying Musky…we have a special love/ hate relationship with them…We love to see them rocket from beneath logs and crush something…We hate it when they destroy our store bought 29 dollar apiece Japanese top water baits… or our outrageously expensive imported swim baits…and we really hate it when they “blow us up” and get away with it…
The Walking Boss the bass fishing equivalent of a nightstick…At rest it sets semi submerged with a portion of its nose and back above the surface.  As you “walk the dog” it rises to the top and zips side to side with a sweeping movement like traditional baits…You can slow it down and make it temporarily dive just beneath the surface and resume the cadence again to simulate a foundering bait fish.  It is silent…because shad do not rattle…It leaves a considerable V shaped wake as you walk it, and displaces water off the angled nose to make a gentle but distinctly different splashing sound as you walk it…
It is heavier than most baits of this type and can be thrown as far as you wish…making targeting those wolf packs of stripers or bass going crazy in the jumps much less difficult…We recommend you use heavy rods and braid on this one…It is the toughest top water bait you can buy…watch us run over it with a F-150 4x4 on concrete, then fish with it on Facebook…

Walkin Boss
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