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Power Glide Shad

In July of 2014 we finally got it. After some deep conversations and test sessions with one of our tour professional associates who was throwing big swim baits and not telling anyone about it, we finally understood why these baits are so effective year round, in any body of water and why those pros paid the amounts of money they paid to get them, and never told anyone what they were doing with them. We also heard their frustrations and saw the carnage of tour competition on one box of baits that was worth more than some peoples tow vehicles and not one bait in it was still functional after a year of tour grade punishment.   
Then we set out to build a better bait. One tough enough to withstand any amount of punishment any species of freshwater fish could dish out and that could also withstand the torture inflicted upon it by tour pros who would rely upon it to pay their bills when they were looking for that kicker fish that would mean the difference between standing in a check line or going home empty handed.
18 months and thousands failures later we finally got it right. The way we wanted it, able to do the things we needed the bait to do and to endure the beating it was designed to take.   
The PGS is just under 5.75 inches long from nose eye to tail tip and weighs in just under 2.5 ounces.  It is constructed of our proprietary composite material that withstands ungodly amounts of punishment and does not fail. Internally it is constructed with the best materials and in a fashion that gives us full confidence there is not freshwater fish out there that can “blow it up” period, end of story.  
It is a slow sink bait that can be fished as shallow as six inches, and with proper equipment and the patience to do so becomes neutrally buoyant and suspends somewhere near the 30 foot mark in water temps lower than 65 degrees. It can be burned, slow rolled, stroked jerk bait style and reeled traditionally as well.  When “reeled and killed” it folds, wobbles and sinks like a dying shad.  It is different from the swarms of swimbaits that seem to have “suddenly appeared” all over the internet. It is hand crafted and is the end result of our years of industry leading experience in composite hard bait construction.

Poison Head Pro Model
Public Price
Power Glide Shad PGS 001 MC Shad
Power Glide Shad PGS 002 Pay Me
Power Glide Shad PGS 003 Tennessee Shad
Power Glide Shad PGS 004 Threadfin Shad
Power Glide Shad PGS 005 Bad Bluegill

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