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Custom Hair Jigs

Nothing works in cold water better than hair…It was true 50 years ago…it is still true today….Unfortunately tying a quality hair jig is becoming a lost art for a variety of reasons…modern technology and materials, cheap foreign imports, and “microwave mentality” have all combined to make most companies consider these valuable fish catching tools too expensive to produce, or too time consuming to bother with.   I tied my first hair jig in 1979 under the watchful eye of my great uncle who taught me the art…So long as I own this company, we will continue to tie them the way Uncle Reuben taught me, for anglers who want them…and the next generation of hair jig makers are already being educated in our shop…Because these products illustrate the art and love of fishing like no other.  All hair jigs are hand tied of the highest quality materials, and are made to order for each angler… Call for information on sizes and models available.

All Bass Jigs Come 3 to a Bag

Custom Hair Jigs
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