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Smash Mouth Football Jigs

Roundly considered the finest Football Jig in the industry...It has won on every level…so many wins in competition we don’t count them anymore… Want references?  Google “Douglas Lake Insights” or “Fantasy Fishing Insider, Douglas Lake, Southern Open” or Oakley Big Bass Douglas Lake” or FLW Tour Chicamauga Lake... It won’t take you very long to find some information that supports our claim to building the best football head in bass fishing…and we have been building it for 9 years…
Our Smash Mouth Football heads eliminate the problem of losing deep fish, or marginally hooked fish on football heads.  We solved the problem using the hard sciences of Physics, Human Anatomy and Physiology, with a healthy dose of Geometry to build a football head that drives home barbs like a hammer drives down a nail.  No more watching Big Bass throw the jig feet from the boat…and it is as effective in 75 feet as it is in 5 feet of water….The Smash mouth Football features a EWG Mustad Hook, and premium skirting materials and bands.  It is the product that put Pure Poison Jig Company “on the radar” with Strong Tour Level Performances, and the exposure in the press it brings. Try them and you will agree with the legions of passionate anglers, guides, and professionals who use them…they have no equal…

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