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Smash Mouth Trokar Football Heads

One of our favorite VIP clients stated it best when they said “when they hit it, it hits them right back…like the angry fist of God…don’t change a thing on it”

Simply put, it’s the meanest, nastiest, sharpest bass busting football head on the market.   Our customers begged for it. So we gave it to them…Our Trokar equipped Football heads provide devastating hook penetration with a flick of the wrist in any depth of water… They have become a weapon of choice for many pros and amateurs alike who find themselves grinding away on deep terrain in summer “ledge tournaments”   We build them with the same geometry, and mechanical characteristics which make our standard lines the best in the industry using proprietary tools and techniques to construct them properly. Every Jig features bulked up skirts, heavy wire Trokar flipping hooks, and the same premium coating system we use on crank baits to make them last.

All Bass Jigs Come 3 to a Bag

Smash Mouth Trokar
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