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The Warhead Composite Jig

The one that changed everything at PPJ.   This non- metallic all composite jig was one of the first in the industry.  When it graced the Pages of BASSMASTER MAGAZINE in 2011 it put our company “on the map” and solidified our already solid reputation as one of the most innovative small tackle builders in the industry.  The jig has a 6/0 EWG Mustad Hook, internal rattle you can’t lose, and you can beat, it bang, it run over it with a truck…you won’t break it.  It falls 1 foot every 3 seconds for times when a slow sinking or gliding presentation is needed. It is known far and wide as a dock busting machine because it can be skipped like a rock, and as a lethal weapon of bass destruction when pitched in blow up holes in matted up grass.  It can be tipped with a variety of soft plastics to alter its fall rate, and every jig features airbrushed finishes, durable coatings, and bulked up skirts.  It is a technique specific weapon that will change the way you fish…

All Bass Jigs Come 3 to a Bag

Warhead Composite Jig
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