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It is well known that big bass love to feast on little craws.  This bait is one of our best yet.  It is an excellent trailer on our jigs, especially our sharpshooter line,  but is not limited to use as a trailer.  This bait is outstanding on small shakey head jigs,  texas rigged with a 2/0 or 3/0 hook and also performs very well on the Carolina Rig.   All pitchin craws are full round, hand injected with our premium floating plastic that is 100 percent filler free.  It has great action on the fall yet is durable enough to be inhaled several times by gluttonous bass before you have to replace it.  This craw has tore it up on several southern and western lakes in testing.  Now its time for you to put it to the test.. 

Product sold in bags of 8

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